Order Cannabis Products Online

Staying Safe While Ordering Weed in the Coronavirus pandemic

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Even though the ongoing pandemic stopped many businesses on their tracks, the cannabis industry was not affected as much. Even though most of the Canadian states have put some or the other types of regulations on the cannabis industry, they have not leashed the online business of cannabis products. So, even if you don’t want to get in a confined store right away, you can order your favourite cannabis products online and collect it from the curbside of the stores or just get it delivered.

Order Cannabis Products Online

Now that the government of some states have allowed the cannabis stores to reopen, the retailers are taking some effective steps to reduce the spread of the virus. You should be aware of these measures if you are thinking about buying cannabis from the stores. Check the following section of this article out to know the measures that the retailers of the cannabis products are taking.

Cashless Payments

Most retailers of cannabis products have stopped taking the cash as a mode of payment. However, they are accepting payments through different cashless methods like Apple Pay, Interac Flash or good old visa and mastercard.

Click and Collect

Even the stores that did not have any online retailing websites are starting one to help their clients in the pandemic era. Just check if your local cannabis store has opened a virtual store as well. If they have, visit their websites and order cannabis products online.

The owners of the retailing stores have confirmed that the receipt of their purchases will be delivered to the email addresses of the buyers. Once you have placed the order and make the payment, you can visit the store location as per your convenience to pick up your ordered products.

Safe Pickups

While maintaining the regulations of the state governments, the retailers of the cannabis stores have devised a plan that makes the click and collect a safer alternative.

This change has created a hybrid type of scenario where the customers can order cannabis pay for them in advance, but they have to come to the stores for picking that up.

Order Cannabis Products Online

The twist is, instead of going inside the confined shops, the customer can wait outside the store at a safe distance from other people and the retailers would deliver the products on the curbside of their stores. The customers can pick up their ordered products from there.

Gloves and Mask

This factor might seem a bit obvious, but given the current situation of the world, a bit of repetition will not harm anyone. Following the rules of the government, the staff of the retailing stores will be wearing gloves and masks to reduce the potential spread of the virus. The customers who are coming to the store for picking up the products are also requested to follow this rule to the tee.

Whenever possible, try to order your cannabis online. It helps the retailers of cannabis products to control the volume of the customers. It also helps them to understand the demands of the products and keep the flow intact. While keeping you safe, this simple online ordering will help the retailers to keep their staff safe as well.

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