rso oil cancer

Does RSO Oil Cancer Treatment Work

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RSO oil stands for Rick Simpson oil and is cannabis oil that has been named after the creator of this oil. The founder has claimed that applying cannabis oil to the cancer spots on his skin made it disappear in a few days.

rso oil cancer


RSO oil has comparatively more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than the other extracts of cannabis. Due to being highly concentrated, RSO oil may in some cases be more effective than other mainstream forms of cannabis oil. Although there are barely any scientific claims for RSO oil cancer treatment, people have indeed noticed the alleviations of some symptoms. Scientists consider cannabis oil to be a potential treatment for cancer in the future and hence are now conducting massive researches on this subject matter.

RSO oil cannot be yet as a replacement to mainstream cancer medicine. However, it does help patients to be in a more relaxed and calm state of mind which is believed to immensely help with the healing process.

rso oil cancer


RSO oil cancer treatment has many supporters but a few are still of the opinion that it doesn’t really help with anything. However, a few users claim that RSO oil indeed helps a tonne in a few cases. Here are some cases where RSO oil has been found out to be effective by its users.

  • Helped in balancing high blood pressure.
  • Treated minor to moderate forms of infections.
  • Alleviated symptoms of chronic inflammation.
  • Helped in pain relief for people suffering from arthritis.
  • Eased breathing for people suffering from asthma.
  • Helped reduce addiction for a few claimants.
  • Helped to ease depression.
  • Healed a few symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

As we see from the above list of symptoms that RSO oil has healed, we can presume that RSO Oil cancer treatment is indeed a huge possibility in the near future.

rso oil cancer


As of now, there are no scientific claims that directly suggest the complete effectiveness of cannabis oil as a cancer medicine. However, researchers believe that the compound of THC present in RSO oil may be used as a major compound in cancer therapy. Even though the oil may not be as effective, the extract of THC may be very useful for cancer treatment in the near future.

One type of cancer that is massively influenced by the intake of THC or CBD oils is pancreatic cancer. The cells named cannabinoids present in this organ of the body react with cannabis oils that help with treatment and faster recovery. However, this is only one research and there is no conclusive proof of this helping in all cases.

No matter how little RSO oil helps with cancer treatment, it is indeed beneficial to have as a supplementary medicine to alleviate the symptoms that arise out of cancer treatment.

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